Dr. Illegal won the Civis Media Prize 2015

June 2015

Dr. Illegal is screened around the world. After winning the Civis Media Prize 2015 in Brussels, Dr. Illegal is now nominated at the DC Shorts festival in Washington.

Stephen’s flight, a history of escape – excerpts

Stephen was born in a small town situated in the north of Nigeria, West Africa. His mother started suffering from a severe illness when he was only ten years old. One day his father took him along to visit his mother in the far-off city-hospital, where she was being treated. When he is greeted by her, he is bewildered by the serious look on her face. [...] Read more

Friday June 7th.

Vito was born in the state of Delta, South-Nigeria in 1986. In the region of the Niger-Delta the existing conflicts between the various sections of the population, groups and tribes are further fuelled by the emerging war for oil. [...] Read more

Thursday, 6th of June

Maja is given an ultimatum by her teacher Mrs Süßmund. She needs to hand in the signed application forms for enrolment by the following day. [...] Read more

  • Maja

Wednesday, June 5th.

Maja is born as second child to her parents, who are Muslim and grows up in a Serbian city living with her grandparents. [...] Read more

  • Team Afarid bei Mob e.V. Strassenfeger mit Guido Fahrenholz

Tuesday, 4th of June, Berlin

The meaning of the word „Croudfunding“ first became clear to me when I started working on DOCTOR AFARID. In German it could be translated as “ Schwarmfinanzierung” ( swarm-financing). The initial idea behind this is that a big number of friends and sympathizers can contribute to the project by donating small or large amounts of money. Some of the projects of course are only financed by “swarms” consisting of as little as parents, grandparents, the occasional uncle and perhaps one or two friends. [...] Read more

  • Team-Afarid auf dem Weg nach Berlin!

Monday, Berlin, June 3rd.

The day has been one of a very hectic kind. It has been a wild trip through Berlin with the afraid-mobile in chase of potential supporters and multipliers and an appointment with a member of parliament. It has been accompanied by a mobile and laptop that decided to go on strike and a stop at a wild internet-cafe in the back of a donut-shop. [...] Read more